Инструкция Toshiba — Satellite L855-S5240 (4.78 mb)

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Инструкция Toshiba — Satellite L855-S5240 (4.78 mb)

Инструкция по эксплуатации Toshiba, модель Satellite L855-S5240

Производитель: Toshiba
Размер: 4.78 mb
Название файла:
Язык инструкции: ru, en, es, de, uk

Фрагмент инструкции

See Traveling tips The environmental precautions listed in “Selecting a place to work” on page 32, also apply while traveling. . Never leave your computer on a sunny ledge or in a place where it could get wet or covered in dust. . Always travel with the computer in a carrying case. Toshiba offers a choice of carrying cases for the computer. They all provide plenty of extra space for manuals, power cords, and compact discs. Contact your authorized Toshiba representative for more information or visit Toshiba’s Web site at accessories.toshiba.com. TECHNICAL NOTE: When traveling by air, you may be required to pass your computer through airport security equipment. The X-ray equipment will not harm your computer. NOTE Before using your computer aboard an aircraft, make sure the Wireless antenna is OFF if your computer has wireless LAN capability. NOTE To enable or disable wireless communication, use the Hot Key F12. For more information see “Hot Keys/TOSHIBA Cards” on page 164. Chapter 4 Chapter 4 In this chapter, you will explore some of the special features of your computer. Exploring the desktop The desktop is the launching pad for everything you can do in the Windows® operating system. You can use its features to start programs, find documents, set up system components, and perform most other computing tasks. HINT: The illustrated examples in this guide may appear slightly different from the screens displayed by your system. The differences are not significant and do not indicate any change in the functionality of your system. 108 Exploring Your Computer’s Features Exploring Your Computer’s Features Exploring the desktop Finding your way around the desktop Your computer’s desktop includes several standard features: icons, Start button, taskbar, notification area, and background pattern. Icons Notification area (Sample Image) Windows® operating system desktop Icons An icon represents a folder, file, or program that can be quickly activated by double-clicking the icon. You can create a new desktop icon for any folder, file, or program by dragging the element’s icon from its location in a window to the desktop area. You may see various icons displayed on your system desktop, for example: Recycle Bin—Holds files you have deleted. You may be able to retrieve these files until you empty the Recycle Bin. Start button Taskbar Exploring Your Computer’s Features Exploring Your Computer’s Features Exploring the desktop . TECHNICAL NOTE: If you delete a large number of files or very large files from the internal storage drive, there may be insufficient space available in the Recycle Bin to hold these files. In this case, Windows® will prompt you to either permanently delete the file(s) or cancel the deletion. . If you delete a file (of any size) from an external media or flash media, it does not go into the Recycle Bin. The file is permanently deleted. . Permanently deleted files cannot…

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